Use Case: Attack Alarm

Are you one of these people who walk around with your nose buried in your phone? Are you blissfully unaware of anyone or anything around you? If you are then you are increasing your chance of being attacked and becoming a victim of violence!

Atus Defender - Attack Alarm

Bill is just one such person. He lives in a major city and commutes to work using public transport. He works long hours so regularly doesn’t get home until after 8pm. The commute takes ages, so Bill regularly catches up with his friends on Facebook or uses Twitter to see what’s trending on the latest tech.

He’s not really paying attention to the world around him. He knows what stop to get off at and it’s ages until then, so Bill’s got his nose buried in his phone. Even when he’s off the train and walking through the streets, Bill still isn’t paying attention to what’s going on around him, he’s chatting with a mate on Whatsapp, planning a football filled weekend.

As Bill is walking with his attention on his phone, he looks like an easy target to potential criminals. After all, it’s not like he’s paying attention to who’s around him, so he’s easy prey. Having seen his unsuspecting victim, the attacker starts to follow Bill down the street, that laptop looks like an easy steal! Bill is still planning the weekend with his mates on his phone, he doesn’t know what’s about to happen.

He is mugged by the attacker and his laptop is stolen from him. Bill has Atus Defender installed on his phone though. He activates the attack alarm button which triggers the phone to call the alarm monitoring centre. They can now track the GPS position of Bill’s phone whilst they are talking to him.

Bill gives chase but the attacker is too quick for him and disappears. His laptop is gone! The alarm operator reassures him that they can see where Bill is and are sending help to his location. They stay on the line with him until the police arrive.

Bill has also nominated two contacts to be informed if he sets his alarm off, so the Atus Defender system has already texted and emailed Bill’s boss Helen and the Security Manager Tom, so that they know that Bill has set off his alarm. Seeing that he has nominated contacts set up, the ARC operator who spoke to Bill has now phoned both Helen and Tom to let them know that Bill is OK, but Bill said that the laptop was stolen. This enables Tom to secure Bill’s email account and change his password for server access at the office.

Police take a statement from Bill and by liaising with the monitoring centre they can now know the exact date, time and GPS position of the attack, plus the route Bill took chasing after the attacker. The police are able to review CCTV footage from the area both before and after the attack and are able to establish that Bill had actually been followed for quite some distance before the attacker struck. This gave them enough footage for one of the officers to actually recognise the attacker, whom they later arrested at his home with the laptop still in his possession.