Use Case: Lone Worker

Working alone is not in itself against the law and it will often be safe to do so. However, the law requires employers to consider carefully and then deal with, any health and safety risks for people working alone. A British standard code of practice BS8484 provides guidance on this.

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision, for example –

  • A person working alone in a small workshop, petrol station, kiosk or shop

  • People working alone for long periods, in factories, warehouses, leisure centres

  • People working on their own outside normal hours, cleaners and security,

  • Workers involved in construction, maintenance and repair and plant

  • Agricultural and forestry workers

  • Service workers, including postal staff, social and medical workers, engineers

  • Estate agents, and sales or service personnel

Employers have a duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risks where necessary. Atus Defender is the perfect solution for those who are vulnerable or at risk as it provides your staff with a simple to use app which is easy to install and use when assistance is required.

Atus Defender - Lone Worker

John is a farm manager and has been working for in the rural community for years. He’s used to working around farm machinery, has lots of experience with the equipment and is great with the cattle too. Alan the farmer took him on as a trainee farmhand a decade ago, and John now helps Alan to run the farm.

John suggested to Alan that Colin the new farmhand they took on really needs to be protected when he’s out ploughing and sowing the fields on his own. “Times have changed Alan, it’s not like it was when I started with you. We need to implement these safety changes I’ve been talking to you about.”

John has done his research and suggests to Alan that protecting the staff is much easier now as they don’t need any expensive equipment or a fixed alarm button on the tractor. “It’s a digital age Alan, there’s an app for that!” Alan agrees that it seems like a great way forward, so John speaks to Colin and then arranges for him to have Atus Defender installed on his mobile phone.

Colin is reassured by this 21st Century approach to farming safety by John. He now has an app on his phone that goes with him wherever he does, and it’s simple to use too.

A few weeks later Colin is getting out of the tractor in a remote field from the farm and slips off the step, twisting his ankle in the fall. He can’t get back into the cab to use the CB radio to call for help, but remembers that he has Atus Defender installed on his mobile phone.

He triggers the alarm and his phone automatically calls the alarm monitoring centre. The alarm operator talking to Colin can see where he is on their screen as they have a map with his GPS co-ordinates. They quickly establish from chatting to Colin that as it was too painful to climb back into the tractor he really needs that ankle checked out. The operator also knows that Colin has 2 co-workers listed as responders and know that the system has already texted and emailed both of them with the details of the alarm and the map of his location too.

Both Alan and John have seen the lone worker alarm message on their phones and quickly made their way over to where Colin is shown on the map. They find him on the floor next to the tractor, still talking to the alarm operator. Now that the operator knows that help has reached Colin and Alan is going to take Colin in to A&E to have his ankle checked over, the alarm call can be cancelled.

Defender beacons

Unique to our app are the individual battery powered indoor location beacons, that let users be positively positioned even when there is no or little GPS satellite coverage. By placing beacons inside structures like metal clad farm outbuildings, definitive location is achieved reliably and without the need for mains power.

This distinctive feature allows Atus Defender to be used for localised positioning whilst still providing all of the features required by BS8484.

Defender Beacons are available as an optional extra to the subscription service.