Use Case: Panic Alarm

Atus Defender - Panic Alarm

Tamsin works as a community carer who visits the elderly in their homes, helping them with day to day tasks and assisting them to maintain their independence.

This morning she is visiting David, an older gentleman who has trouble getting about as he’s not very steady on his feet anymore. After helping him prepare his lunch, she helps David into his wheelchair and takes him out for some fresh air in the local park just across the road. David is always such a cheerful man, constantly smiling and joking, so Tamsin takes a selfie with him before they head out.

Just as they are leaving the house, Tamsin uses the pre-recorded message feature on Atus Defender and saves a voice memo on her phone saying who she’s with this morning, that they are just leaving his house and she is taking him in his wheelchair to the park across the road.

It’s a lovely early summers day and David is reminiscing about how he used to bring his wife to the park all those years ago, where they’d have a picnic under the trees and talk for hours. Tamsin finds a park bench and sits with David to enjoy the glorious sunshine and watch the kids playing football as they chat

As the children are playing, David recounts tales of playing football when he was younger to Tamsin, just as the ball comes over towards them. She gets up and runs over to the ball, kicking it back in the direction of the children.

Just as she does, a man who had been walking down the path behind them comes over to David and threatens him for his wallet. As Tamsin turns back towards David she sees the offender and reaches for her Defender Remote that is clipped to her keyring. Activating the remote alarm, her phone which is still in her bag on the floor by David instantly registers the event and relays the alarm to the monitoring centre.

The alarm operator can see where Tamsin is from the GPS position on her phone, has been able to listen to her pre-recorded message which was sent with the alarm notification and also can see a copy of the last picture she took 10 minutes ago, her selfie with David.

Having all of this information to hand means that the alarm operator is already well informed of where Tamsin is, who she is with and what she was intending to be doing, before the automated phone call made by Tamsin’s phone even connects to the monitoring centre. The operator hears what is going on from Tamsin’s phone, assesses the situation and decides that this clearly is a situation that requires a police presence. The operator is able to guide the police directly to where Tamsin and David are, whilst still being able to listen in to what is happening and keep the officers updated. The alarm screen in front of the operator also shows that the Atus Defender system has already emailed Tamsin’s Line Manager, so that her office are aware that she has triggered the alarm.

Meanwhile in the park, Tamsin is able to use her professionalism to keep the situation calm and keep the perpetrator occupied long enough for the police to be close by. They manage to arrest him as he is running out of the park. Tamsin is now able to take her phone from her bag and speak to the monitoring centre operator and confirm that she and David are now safe, so the alarm can be cancelled. David was obviouly shaken but wasn’t hurt thanks to Tamsin’s prompt action and the police were able to return Tamsin’s bag following the arrest.

Defender Remote

The Defender Key Fob remote trigger is an alarm button wirelessly connected to the Defender app on the mobile phone. The Defender Remote makes it easy to activate an alarm in any situation, even if the mobile phone is in your pocket, your handbag, or simply out of reach in your briefcase.

Defender Remote

The Defender Remote has a monitored connection to the phone allowing audible out of range notifications and discrete vibration confirmations directly on the Remote, so you will always know that the alarm has got through, even if the phone is out of sight.

Defender Remote keyfob buttons are available as an optional extra to the subscription service.