Use Case: Personal Alarm

Atus Defender - Personal Alarm

Adam has been a keen cyclist for many years. He recently joined a cross country mountain bike racing club and has been in training with them for an upcoming local race. They are all experienced riders and are used to carrying the essential tools, spare clothing etc when they go out training.

Today Adam has decided to take a different route back from the office and is riding through a woodland that is new to him. He finds that it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a hectic day in the office and get in a bit of extra training too.

The ground is damp in patches, particularly under the trees, so he is taking it steady and paying attention to avoid the slippery rocks in the track. Having worked hard on the long uphill stretch up the track, it looks like there is a good downhill section coming up for practicing jumps and handling speed.

The downhill speed sections have always been the favourite part of his ride. The sun has come out now and the downhill stretch opens up before him, so Adam begins his descent out of the woods and onto the open hillside back down towards the road.

The jumps were great, a couple of trickier bits with some recent animal activity scattering debris onto the edges of the track, but that was all part of cycling.

Getting to the bottom of the hill, Adam carefully rejoins the carriageway, a country lane B-road that leads back towards the main road. This should be the last few miles home, then time for a well earned cup of tea!

It was on this little country lane that the unexpected happened. A driver taking a shortcut to avoid traffic and travelling far too quickly for the available visibility on this little road, came speeding around the bend towards Adam.

This literally left Adam with nowhere to go but into the hedge, in order to avoid a head on collision with the speeding car. Taking avoiding action, he had no option but to swerve off the road and land heavily in the hedge, badly hurting his shoulder. The car driver didn’t even stop!

Adam wasn’t quite sure exactly where he was, but still several miles from the main road and in so much pain that there was no way he was going to be able to get home under his own steam.

Taking his mobile phone from his pack, he was glad he had signed up for this new Atus Defender app. Knowing he had this made things so much easier as he he knew the app relayed his position directly to the alarm centre. He triggered the alarm and his phone automatically dialled the monitoring centre. This allowed Adam to speak directly to one of the operators who could easily see from the GPS position of his phone that he was on a little B-road in the middle of the countryside.

Assessing the situation, it was clear to the operator that Adam needed an ambulance for what sounded like a very painful shoulder injury, so the operator called out the emergency services and remained on the line with Adam until the paramedics and police arrived, before cancelling the alarm.

Seeing that Adam’s wife Helen was listed as being notified by text when his alarm was triggered, the alarm operator then rang her to ensure that she knew how he was and not to panic. He was on his way to the local hospital, but was fully conscious. Helen was greatful for the reassuring call and was then able to contact her husband knowing that whilst he had come off his bike, he was at least not too badly hurt.