Keeping children safe

Atus Defender - protection where it's needed

Atus Defender for kids

In this day and age it's hard enough keeping an eye on your kids at the best of times, so what can you do to help protect them when they're away from the house ... what happens if they need help?

When they have a medical condition like epilepsy, keeping them safe so you don't have to worry seems quite a daunting prospect. However, by giving them something as simple as a panic button app for their smartphone, you know that help is always close at hand and it's something that you can do today.

Atus Defender gives you peace of mind because it can be configured to text (and email) you with a link showing your child's location, so you'll know where they are when they need help. It also connects your child's phone to an operator at a professional 24/7 alarm monitoring centre, where the operator can already see on the screen in front of them the details you filled in about your child's medical conditions, prescription medication and who to notify in the event of an emergency. This means that they can contact the emergency services if required and relay your childs location and medical condition straight away.

With such a powerful tool immediately on hand should it be needed, your child knows they have help available at the push of a button and you're reassured that even when they're not close by, that they are still safe and protected.

The solution is beautifully simple - They already carry their smartphone everywhere anyway, so why wouldn't you just add Atus Defender?