Safety first at university

Atus Defender - peace of mind for you and them

Atus Defender for university students

Whilst you may always see your daughter as "your little girl" no matter how old she is, now that she is going away to university you probably want to find a way to offer her protection whilst she's away from home.

The easiest way to do that is Atus Defender, because it's a simple app that can be put on her smartphone ... and you know she never goes anywhere without that!

When triggered, the app will call a professional 24/7 alarm monitoring centre and the operator can assess and assist as required, even calling out the emergency services on her behalf.

Because the app uses the smartphone's GPS positioning, your daughter's location will be clearly defined on the operator's screen as soon as the alarm comes in, so they can not only talk to her but see where she is and send help directly to her.

In addition to that, the Atus Defender system can text or email you directly with any alarm event triggered from her phone, which will include a link to her location.

Atus Defender - Peace of mind

With her excellent scholastic abilities you know you don't have to worry about her getting a double first in her results and now you don't have to worry about her safety either.

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