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Atus Defender - Help is only a button push away

Atus Defender for university students

Just because you might not be as able bodied as others, there's no reason why you shouldn't retain as much independence as possible. That's where Atus Defender can lend a hand.

The system isn't tied to your home phone line like many traditional assistance services which don't work when you're away from the house. So if you have a smartphone and want to be reassured that you can always summon help should the need arise, then Atus Defender is just what you're looking for.

When triggered, the app will call a professional 24/7 alarm monitoring centre so that a trained operator can talk to you and help deal with the situation, even calling out the emergency services if it's needed.

Atus Defender makes full use of your smartphone's GPS positioning, so your location will be clearly defined on the operator's screen as soon as the alarm comes in. They can not only talk to you but see where you are and send help directly to you, after all that is the whole point of an assistance alarm isn't it?

In addition to that, the Atus Defender system can text or email any alarm event triggered from your phone, directly to a carer, friend or family member, which will include a link to your location. This means that if that person is your nominated "first responder", they will get your alarm location as well as the alarm monitoring centre.

Atus Defender - Peace of mind

There's even a remote keyfob alarm button that can be used with the app, that will trigger the phone without needing to get the phone out of your pocket or even to unlock it. The Defender Remote is a Bluetooth enabled button with haptic feedback (it vibrates) so you know for certain the alarm got through. Such a simple solution for when the phone isn't to hand!

It's only £9.95 a month by Direct Debit, so why not sign up for the service today by using the link below?

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