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Defender Remote - A click is all it takes!

Atus Defender Remote aiding independence

Maintaining our independence as we get older is increasingly difficult, especially if we feel a bit vulnerable. That's where the Atus Defender Remote can help.

The Defender Remote is a simple button that links with your smartphone. It is completely independent from your home phone line, unlike many traditional assistance services which don't work when you're away from the house. When paired with the Atus Defender app it allows you to alert your family, neighbour or any two contacts you nominate, that you need help.

Not only does it alert your "first responders" that you need assistance, the app will also call a professional 24/7 alarm monitoring centre so that a trained operator can talk to you and help you deal with whatever has happened. They can even call your relatives, a neighbour or the emergency services to respond as well if required.

The Atus Defender app makes full use of your smartphone's ability to know where you are by using the GPS satellites, so your location will be clearly defined on the operator's screen as soon as the alarm comes in. They can not only talk to you but see where you are and send help directly to you.

Simple, accurate and helpful ..... just what's required when you need help!

Atus Defender - Peace of mind

The remote key fob button will trigger your smartphone without you needing to get it phone out of your pocket.

The Defender Remote is a Bluetooth enabled button with vibration feedback so you know for certain the alarm got through, even if you can't reach your phone directly.

Such a simple solution for when your phone isn't to hand!

The Defender Remote is available for a one off price of just £35.99 when you take out a subscription to the Atus Defender service for only £9.95 a month by Direct Debit.

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