Staff safety for lecturers

Atus Defender - because teaching is hard enough!

Being a teacher at a school, or a lecturer at a college/university, can be a very rewarding career. These are the professionals we trust to brighten the minds of our future generations, by imparting a wealth of knowledge that will open the students minds towards their future directions in life and the workplace.

Equally it is true that not every teaching environment faces the same challenges and whilst every education establishment has to deal with their own unique set of circumstances, many of the issues they face are the same. Classrooms are often overcrowded, there can be issues with a lack of funding and sometimes there's not enough staff to cover the classes themselves. Yet we still have an enthusiastic and dedicated group of education enablers that despite these issues create a wonderful and engaging learning environment for the younger generation.

However, there are some teachers that are faced with the very real threat of violence in the workplace, either from colleagues or students on a daily basis.

For this, there is an answer - Atus Defender.

Atus Defender is a simple to use personal safety app that can be installed on the staff smartphones and because it operates on the two most popular platforms it can be downloaded directly from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

There's no system infrastructure to be installed throughout the school or college campus, no expensive equipment to purchase and maintain and it can be implemented on a site wide basis with minimal disruption to the staff and students.

However, unlike other personal alarm apps, the unique feature of the Atus Defender system is that it can also use the location defining Defender Beacons to assist with positioning when the GPS signal is weaker, e.g. when the user is indoors.

Whilst GPS positioning is great outdoors, once you step inside the accuracy can drop off quite significantly, so this unique feature will allow staff to remain protected pretty much anywhere on campus.

By placing a battery powered beacon in rooms where you believe there is a high risk of an incident occurring, you can supplement the GPS positioning of the smartphone with the accuracy of a physical location beacon as well. This means that by attaching the small beacon under the teachers desk, in the canteen area or perhaps above a ceiling tile outside the Principal's office, the beacon can remain completely inconspicuous and yet facilitate the location of an incident more quickly.

All that's required is a subscription to the Atus Defender service for each user you want to protect and as many beacons as you think you will need. With years of experience in location beacon positioning across multiple market sectors, we'll be happy to give guidance and assistance in helping you decide what's best for your needs.

With an app that is available to the two major platforms that cover over 94% of the market share (source) there really is no reason to delay in signing up for the service!

You can subscribe to the Atus Defender service yourself today by following the link below, or for establishment enquiries please contact us here -