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Atus Defender


It’s called Defender Remote, and it’s a small button that will connect to virtually any modern smartphone on the iOS or Android platform*

This is just what you’ve been looking for — a new, industry-leading product that gives you the chance to raise an alarm with one simple click. When linked with our easy-to-use app it can help you when you need it most. Using your phones GPS position tracking and the app’s automatic contact notification, this is one device you’ll want to keep at hand.

Unlike many panic button solutions, in an emergency you don’t have to find your phone, unlock it and then open an app before you can raise an alarm. With Defender Remote all you have to do is push the button**


The Atus Defender solution offers a simple user-friendly platform that allows you to remain protected at all times and unlike many of its competitors, it even includes a licence for connection to our professional ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre).

When triggered the system automatically contacts the ARC and notifies up to two contacts by SMS and email that you need assistance. These can be family, friends or even work colleagues; it's entirely up to you.

Defender Remote Options


The app allows the ARC operator to hear exactly what’s going on from the microphone on your phone, so they can contact your loved ones or even arrange for the emergency services if required. If you do have your phone to hand then you can even talk to the ARC operator and they can assist you directly.

Atus Defender GPS Locating App


The ARC can even track your whereabouts during an alarm, so they can follow your position and direct help straight to your location.

You already carry your smartphone with you everywhere anyway, so all you need is Atus Defender from the App Store or the Play Store and the all new Defender Remote.

Mention discount code DR2706 and you can get protected for less than £0.45 a day including the Defender Remote button.

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