The ACE up your sleeve.

Don’t just feel safe … be safe!

Atus Defender

How often do you consider your own personal safety, on a day-to-day basis? Like many of us you probably don't ... but here's where you get to have that proverbial ace up your sleeve! Atus Defender is a simple app that can take care of several aspects of this for you so that you don't have to worry. It has a panic alarm button function which connects you to a call centre who are available to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week should you need it.

When you set up your account you get to specify who should be notified in the event an emergency like a family member, or even a colleague, as well as text and email alerts.

By utilising the phone's GPS functionality, Atus Defender is able to locate you and pass on your position to the call centre, so they can see exactly where you are and make sure help gets to you as quickly as possible whilst staying on the line with you.

It's not like you don't already carry your smartphone with you everywhere anyway, so all you need is an app you can download directly from the App Store or the Play Store and you're set.

A subscription to the Atus Defender service costs the equivalent of just £0.33p a day if you pay by Direct Debit and you can be signed up and protected in no time at all.

What are you waiting for?!