Stuck for a Christmas present idea?

It can be difficult to find the right present!

Stuck for a Christmas present idea?

When it comes to buying something unique and different for the person who already has everything, what do you get them?

It's never an easy task . . . You got them the nice bathroom smellies last year, they have enough books to start their own library and all the latest gadgets and accessories adorn their home. So what do you give the person who seemingly has it all?

How about something different, something unique, something that shows you worry about their safety?

We are offering a full year's cover for the Atus Defender personal safety app, complete with the 24/7/365 alarm receiving centre cover, with a special Christmas discount when purchased as a gift.

Your gift to them would be a full year's subscription for the whole of 2018 and you get to save on the standard subscription price, so you're getting a bargain as well!

Rather than the usual monthly subscription charge, we are offering any annual subscription bought before Christmas for the reduced price of £99.48 which is a 20% discount on the standard price!

Simply click the image below and quote the voucher code below in the box marked "where did you hear about Atus Defender" and we will begin setting up your gift ready for that special someone.